Guildford Astronomical Society

Joining the Society

Can be as simple as coming along to a meeting and joining!

  1. If you are over 18, you join as a Full Member. The annual subscription is £32 (or £30 if paid by Bank Transfer or paid directly into the GAS bank account).
  2. Under 18’s are eligible to join as Junior Members, they must however be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.
    For Junior Members and Students, the annual subscription is £20 (or £18 if paid by Bank Transfer or paid directly into the GAS bank account).

The subscription year runs from September. If you join our society part-way through the year, the cost may be reduced.

The membership form can be downloaded here [PDF 128KB].


If you are not sure whether you want to join right away, you can come along to a meeting as a Visitor; we charge just £5 (£4 Junior/Student guest) per meeting (to cover costs). On arrival, please introduce yourself to the Secretary. You will be warmly welcomed.

For all membership enquiries, please contact the Membership Secretary, .


Membership of our Society will allow you to:

  • attend all meetings and the Annual General Meeting
  • vote on any Society decision where eligible to do so
  • purchase and/or receive any Society publication
  • participate in all events organised by the Society
  • use the Society Observatory (subject to successful completion of any training courses that may be required)
  • borrow equipment (such as books or telescopes) that are available for loan
  • attend any meeting of national and regional astronomical societies that the Society is a member of
  • access the members-only section of the web-site
  • join the Alert network for events in the night sky

We have a few expections of all our members:

  • to have regard for other members whose views you may not agree with
  • to be polite to fellow members and visitors
  • to support the work of the Society
  • to help out at public outreach events
  • to help fellow members
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