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Pictures from events attended by GAS members

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Solar Outreach at Guildford Cathedral 8th July 2017


A Solar Outreach day at Guildford Cathedral on the 8th July 2017.
Pictures by Tony Questa & Pam Hewitt.




Guildford Cathedral’s Star Gazing Live event 20th January 2018


On a cloudy damp evening, talks inside the Cathedral were given by Emma Osborne a PhD student at the University of Southampton on Gravitational Waves. Followed by Prof. Roger Davies of the University of Oxford with Galaxies & Blackholes.

The evening was organised in-conjunction with Guildford Cathedral by Steve Piatkowski, Richard Stebbing & Julia Gaudelli

Pictures by Tony Questa & Pam Hewitt .



Surrey University’s Star Gazing Live event 12th February 2018


Tony with Jim Al-Khalili of Surrey University.


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