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The British Astronomical Society makes available for general use their Sky Notes. The BAA is an association geared to helping amateur astronomers further their interest in astronomy. A very worthwhile association to join.
BAA Night Sky Notes. 


November’s What’s Up can be found here. For those of you who use SkySafari, here is a .skylist file with this month’s suggested objects. (Select “Save As…” from the right-click menu on the link to download – the actual wording varies depending on the browser you are using)

Here is an interactive star map (with the Lambert Projection):

You can click and drag with the mouse to move the sky around and if you press “?” while your mouse is over the map, a list of all the keyboard shortcuts will appear (you may need to click on it first).

Observation Announcement

For night of 24-11-2017

Remember to refresh page for latest update!

No observation plans for tonight yet. Please check back later. If nothing new by 20h00, there will most likely be no outing tonight.

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Guildford Cathedral – Star Gazing Evening

20th January 2018 at the Cathedral.
Details to be notified

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