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The British Astronomical Society makes available for general use their Sky Notes. The BAA is an association geared to helping amateur astronomers further their interest in astronomy. A very worthwhile association to join.
The BAA. 

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January’s What’s Up

Whats up


Here is an interactive star map (with the Lambert Projection):

You can click and drag with the mouse to move the sky around and if you press “?” while your mouse is over the map, a list of all the keyboard shortcuts will appear (you may need to click on it first).

Observation Announcement

For night of 21-1-2019

Remember to refresh page for latest update!

No observation plans for tonight yet. Please check back later. If nothing new by 20h00, there will most likely be no outing tonight.


Total Lunar Eclipse – Early Monday 21st January 2019

It is less than a week away! Are you ready! Is the weather going to behave? Too many questions!

Here are brief details of the eclipse itself, plus an outline of a plan to meet at a good viewpoint to watch, if you would like to. More complete details of the plan will be sent to all members very shortly by email. So if you are interested, please watch out for it and do come along!

Details of the Eclipse

The whole of the eclipse is visible from the UK. It happens early in the morning (Monday morning too!), before the Sun rises. The following is a summary of the key details :-

02.36h                   The eclipse begins

03.30h (approx.)      The visually interesting (reddish colour) phase should begin

04.41h                   Totality begins

05.43h                   Totality ends

07.48h                   The eclipse ends

08.05h                   The Moon sets (on a compass bearing of approx. 305 degrees – slightly different to the figure I’ve been publicising!)


Communal Spectating

If you would like to join the communal spectating, please watch out for full details in the email which you should receive shortly. If that email should for any reason fail to reach you, please do get in touch with me via the society’s “training” email address and I’ll send you a copy. Yes – “observing” being arranged by the “training” department! Whatever next?

Google Maps Pewley Down area



Images by Tim Ellison

The Schrodinger Lecture 2019

The Schrodinger Lecture, 19th February 2019

Something that may be of interest, perhaps.
Professor Michele Dougherty will be delivering the 31st Schrodinger Lecture at Imperial College, London, at 5.30pm on Tuesday 19th February.

The lecture is entitled “The Cassini Spacecraft Mission at Saturn”.

GAS members may recall that Professor Dougherty visited us in May 2016 and gave us a talk about the JUICE (Jupiter’s Icy Moons) Mission.

The lecture is free to attend, and is open to all. But it is necessary to register in advance at the website and obtain a ticket.
The following link should take you to the appropriate web page :- Imperial College

Alternatively, it is fairly easy to find by Googling “Schrodinger Lecture”.
Hoping to see you there if you can make it!!

Campaign to Protect Rural England – Star Count 2019

The Campaign to Protect Rural England

Help us reclaim our dark skies

TAKE PART: 2 February – 23 February

Dark, starry skies are one of the most magical sights the countryside can offer. But light pollution means many of us can’t see the stars. We want to reconnect people with the wonder of our glorious night skies.

You can take part in #StarCount2019 and help us map light pollution, to ensure more of us can enjoy the most magical sight the countryside has to offer.

Our Star Count will take place this February, with support from the British Astronomical Association, and we’ll be asking you to look up at the night sky and tell us how many you can see in Orion. You can do this from anywhere in England.

Goto StarCount2019 for more information.