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Observation Announcement

For night of 17-10-2018

Remember to refresh page for latest update!

No observation plans for tonight yet. Please check back later. If nothing new by 20h00, there will most likely be no outing tonight.


The Current GAS Roles, (October 2018).

Note:- email addresses do not click (yet !)

Position email Address Name Committee Member
The President president@ Nick Tanton
Secretary secretary@gg
Jo Weight
Treasurer treasurer@gg Pam Noon
Archivist archive@gg Cornelia Ahearn
Ask an Astronomer askanastronomer@gg John Evans
Borrow a Telescope
(Members only).
loanscopes@gg Pam Hewitt
Dark Skies Initiatives darkskies@gg John Evans
Library librarian@gg Matthew Mallinson
Membership Secretary membership@gg Pam Noon
Observatory Management observatory@gg Tony Questa
Observatory Training training@gg Pam Hewitt
Tim Ellison

Observing Liaison observing@gg Cornelia Ahearn
Outreach Liaison
If you are thinking about getting the Society to give a talk or display to your society or group. (Your organisation must have it’s own PLI). 
outreach@gg Gordon Joy
Suze Newlands

Publicity publicity@gg
Nick Tanton
Safety safety@gg Gordon Ebbon
Social Events social@gg Matthew Mallinson
For website queries or to add members’ images to the site.
Martin Baker
GAS Committee
To contact the whole committee.
committee@gg Members as ticked