Guildford Astronomical Society

Members’ Images

On this page is a selection of astronomical images taken by our members. Some images result from the use of sophisticated imaging equipment and some are the product of much simpler imaging arrangements – for example, snapping at images through an telescope eyepiece using a mobile phone camera (a good way to start!) – all are welcome. Patience, getting to know your equipment and persistence are required for progress!

The image galleries are grouped by member’s name.  Click on the images to enlarge.

Members wishing to display their own images (and we would be grateful for them) should email the Webmaster () with a jpeg (or, in the case of videos, an .mp4) format of their images along with (where applicable) the image details; e.g. date of acquisition, viewing conditions, post acquisition image processing details, equipment used etc and a declaration that it is their own work.


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Martin Baker




Steve Baker




Jonathan Clark




Anthony Day




Dr Paul Daniels




Max Dobres




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Jonathan Shinn