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John Axtell’s latest episode of Stars Over Surrey (July 2018)

John’s Stars Over Surrey from Friday will be repeated tomorrow (Monday 30th July at 11:00pm UK) & is also available as a podcast from Brooklands Radio

In this 40 minute episode he talks about water on Mars, the possibility of life on the early Moon, 12 new moons for Jupiter and the first ever imaging of an exo-planet in the act of forming. My constellation of the month is Lyra. There’s a What’s Up for August and of course mention of the Total Lunar Eclipse. The extended podcast will include a further 10 minutes or so, covering Space x, Blue Origins, ESA launches, the possibility of launches from Sutherland in Scotland, Kepler signs off, and the long-ago collision of our Milk Way with a dwarf galaxy. John hopes you like the programme.

For the live episode click here and click on listen live at the top of the page.

The podcast is published here.