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Stars over Surrey with John Axtell. This episode for September 2018

John Axtell with Stars over Surrey from Brooklands Radio is repeated on Monday 1st Oct, at 11pm UK.

In this instalment as he mentioned on his Facebook post, he talks about SSTL’s Remove DEBRIS net fling, and also their “cheesegrater” satellite, fixing the Soyuz air leak, Moon loop on Space X BFR, Hayabusa asteroid mission and the “finding” of Mr Spock’s planet! Plus of course my Constellation of the Month (Cassiopeia) and What’s Up. The extended podcast will also include JAXA’s cargo ISS re-supply vessel, tracing ‘Oumuamua to its possible origin, Opportunity spotted from orbit at Mars, origin of Phobos and finally dust storms on titan.

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The podcast is published here.