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Nigel Bradbury

Nigel BradburyNigel Bradbury

Sent in by Nigel Bradbury.

Nigel has been an active Amateur Astronomer for over 40 years and has been fortunate enough to have taken over 20,000 people to view the Aurora.

He is a member of the Chesterfield AS, where he was Director of Observations using the 18″ Reflector there. The past owner of a private garden observatory housing a 10″ Reflector, he used to regularly open this up to the public during exciting Astronomical events.

The lecture discusses the percentage of Auroral sightings plus many ‘insider views’ on the Northern Lights Flights he does, alongside Pete Lawrence, BBC Sky at Night Observing Expert.

DateTalk at GAS meeting
2 Jun 2011The Northern Lights Experience

NB: Due to maintainence work in Lecture Theatre L this meeting will now be held in Lecture Theatre F.

Nigel is a Northern Lights Tour Guide who accompanies flights making the trip North from various UK airports and also trips to Norway. He'll show what can be seen and make comparisons between what you see from aircraft, boat and land-based excursions.