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Dr Francisco Diego

Dr Francisco DiegoDr Francisco Diego

Francisco is a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Physics and Astronomy University College London, vice president of the UK Association for Astronomy Education and a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. He is a keen populariser of astronomy and has extensive experience as a planetarium producer/presenter, lecturer, author and broadcaster. He has appeared on TV series like Stephen Hawking's Universe and BBC's The Planets. He is producing and delivering The Mind of the Universe, a collection of public and school lectures and teacher workshops on astrophysics, cosmology and life in the Universe, initiated under a Science in Society fellowship from the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

For more information visit his page on the UCL website here.

DateTalk at GAS meeting
3 Mar 2011Cosmic fire beyond Astrology: the real influence of stars in our lives.

Cosmic fire beyond Astrology: the real influence of stars in our lives.

We live in a Universe developing out of pure and simple energy that emerged thousands of millions of years ago.

In this lecture we travel back in time to explore those initial conditions, when the primordial energy was encapsulated in a handful of tiny particles, the building blocks of the Universe to be brought together at different stages by the four known fundamental forces.

After admiring the beautiful constellations seen by the human eyes of all times, we will travel deep inside dying stars to witness the fundamental forces at work, where the materials to make more stars and planets are not only assembled, but also charged with vast amounts of strange and powerful energy that we find all around us. For good or for evil, we have now the power of stars in our hands.