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Dr Colin Forsyth

Dr Colin ForsythDr Colin Forsyth

A list of talks to GAS by Dr Colin Forsyth is shown below.

DateTalk at GAS meeting
6 Apr 2017The Greatest Light Show on Earth

NB: This is a change to the previously advertised talk.

The Earth sits in a stream of positively and negatively charged particles that are constantly streaming away from the Sun. These particles bombard the Earth’s magnetic field, resulting in a breakdown of that field and the storage and release of peta-Joules worth of energy. That energy is fed from space into the Earth’s atmosphere by mega-Amp currents. As the current passes through the atmosphere, the particles in the atmosphere glow resulting in the aurora borealis and australis. Join me as we take a journey from the heart of our solar system to the top of our atmosphere, exploring the processes and science behind space weather and the aurora – the greatest light show on Earth!