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Prof. Lucie Green

Dr Lucie GreenDr Lucie Green

From her UCL page, Lucie says:-
My research focusses on the study of the evolution of the Sun’s magnetic field and how it drives solar activity that in turn leads to space weather at the Earth. My early work used new techniques to quantify the amount of magnetic helicity ejected by the Sun during events called coronal mass ejections. The results are important for many areas of solar physics including dynamo theory and the evolution of the global solar magnetic field. More recently, I have focussed on the question of whether or not flux ropes form in the lower solar atmosphere before coronal mass ejections. I am interested in how observations can be used to quantify the magnetic flux in these ropes so that we can better understand their evolution to an unstable and eruptive configuration. This work is important for developing the science that underpins space weather forecasting.
DateTalk at GAS meeting
2 Nov 2006Solar B: New Views Of The Sun
5 Sep 2013Solar Max
5 Sep 2019The Latest Developments in Solar Exploration