Guildford Astronomical Society

Henryk Herman

Henryk Herman is a Chemical Physicist and laser specialist over 30 years of experience in academic and industrial research in the UK, Europe, Japan and the United States. His degrees in Chemical Physics and Laser Physics from the University of Bristol biased him towards science interfaces and he has employed his skill set in areas ranging from laser radar, through to medical applications of lasers, the chemistry of the upper atmosphere, remote sensing for oil exploration, materials composition, remote sensing of minerals, development of life sciences package for the ESA Mars mission, authentication of art objects (e.g. The Holy Infants Embracing, ascribed to Leonardo), conservation of heritage (Mary Rose, Hampton Court) and the effect of potential treatments on model Alzheimer cells.

His main interest is in remote sensing – the use, primarily of light, to obtain chemical and physical information on inaccessible objects. Latterly this has been used in the area of on-line and in-situ process analysis and control, notably for gasoline quality measurements, polymer manufacture, and pharmaceutical formulations.

DateTalk at GAS meeting
6 Mar 2008The Search for Planetary Life