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Dr John Rogers

John Rogers BAA - Credit: BAAJohn Rogers BAA
Credit: BAA

John Rogers is the long-standing director of the BAA's Jupiter Section, and author of ‘The Giant Planet Jupiter’ (CUP, 1995). In addition to analysing worldwide amateur observations of Jupiter, he is collaborating with the imaging team on NASA’s Juno orbiter, and posting regular reports on the results on the BAA Jupiter Section's web site. Professionally, Dr Rogers was a lecturer and researcher in molecular neurobiology at the University of Cambridge, until he retired in 2014 so as to devote himself full-time to Jupiter research.
DateTalk at GAS meeting
2 May 2019Jupiter and the Juno mission

The talk will deal with recent advances in our understanding of Jupiter's massive atmosphere, especially from the Juno orbiter and from ongoing amateur imaging. The spectacular JunoCam images are revealing remarkable features in the polar regions and fascinating details in the atmospheric circulations and cycles that we are studying from the ground.