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Dr Marcell Tessenyi

Dr Marcell TessenyiDr Marcell Tessenyi

As well as project managing the Twinkle mission he is also CEO of Blue Skies Space Ltd. Dr Tessenyi has a PhD in astrophysics from University College London in exoplanet spectroscopy. He has worked in France and in the UK, gaining experience in engineering and management training.
DateTalk at GAS meeting
3 May 2018Twinkle: An Alternative Approach to Science Space Missions

Twinkle is a small, low-cost mission that will use spectroscopy to decode the light from hundreds of extrasolar planets. Twinkle will be able to reveal, for the first time, the chemical composition, weather and history of worlds orbiting distant stars. The Twinkle satellite will be built in the UK and launched into a low-Earth orbit within 3 to 4 years, using a platform designed by Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd and instrumentation led by UCL. This project also is allowing for collaboration between amateurs and professionals in gathering data for candidate stellar systems. Dr Tessenyi will be updating us with the latest developments in this exciting program.