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Dr Helen Walker

Dr Helen WalkerDr Helen Walker

Helen graduated from the University of St. Andrews with a PhD in Astronomy in 1979 where she was involved with astronomical satellites (and has been ever since).

In the mid-1990s Helen was Head of the UK ISO Support Group and a Co-Investigator on the ISO Photometer (ISO was the Infrared Space Observatory – an ESA satellite). For the past two years she has worked in the Satellite Operations Group at RAL, under contract to the European Space Agency, on Mars Express (as the group’s Project Scientist) helping scientists plan their science observations on the Mars Express satellite. Recently Helen was asked to take over leading the Test Team for MIRI, the mid-infrared instrument, for the James Webb Space Telescope.

Helen is also Senior Secretary of the Royal Astronomical Society and currently President of the Society for Popular Astronomy.

DateTalk at GAS meeting
1 Oct 2009Exploring Mars and Other Planets with Satellites

Get Helen's presentation here [PPT: 4.4Mb, Members only] and the movie here [AVI: 2.9MB, Members only]; both files must be placed in the same folder. Note that more slides are visible in this file than Helen showed in her presentation.