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Outreach & Event Pictures

Pictures from events attended by GAS members

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GAS members at Pewley Down, Guildford for the transit of Mercury November 11th 2019


Pictures by Nick Tanton, solar images by Tim Ellison


GAS expedition to Newlands Corner for the Partial Lunar Eclipse July 16th 2019


Pictures by Sue Tanton & Martin Baker


GAS 2018 AGM a presentation to Dr Paul Daniels on standing down from President


Pictures by Susan Newlands


Mole Valley Geological Society meeting presented Venus unveiled on the 8th March 2018


The March meeting of MVGS was titled ‘Venus Unveiled’ by Dr Philippa Mason of Imperial College – up to the minute stuff that really cracked through the science to get to the heart of latest results from probes and observations – and their surprising conclusions. Highly recommended. About 15 GAS members attended and afterwards discovered that geologists also like to discuss their talks in the pub afterwards. GAS attendance at MVGS was organised by our social sec (and librarian) Matthew Mallinson, who appears in the last couple of pictures.

Pictures by Tony Questa.



Surrey University’s Adams-Sweeting Lecture presented by Lord Martin Rees on the 28th February 2018


This was the inaugural Adams-Sweeting lecture:Frontier Science & Technology (FST).
Presented by Professor Lord Martin Rees Astronomer Royal, former president of the Royal Society.
“Surviving the Century”, survival of life on Earth and in space in the year 2050 and attended by the Duke and Duchess of Kent. Full house, a stream of fascinating facts backed up by data, covering human-created effects on the environment and how to avoid the negative side of them, some earth-shattering, and thankfully generally optimistic conclusions
In the chairs and involved in the QA afterwards:
Prof. Alf Adams (inventor of a type of laser using a quantum effect, used in many devices in the home)
Sir Martin Sweeting who founded Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL). Both are associated with Surrey Uni.
Prof. Julie Yeomans Professor of Ceramic Materials, Surrey Uni and one-time head of various engineering departments.
Following the lecture we left to see Alan Turing apparently striding through the freshly-fallen snow…

Pictures by Tony Questa.



Surrey University’s Star Gazing Live event 12th February 2018


Tony with Jim Al-Khalili of Surrey University.



Guildford Cathedral’s Star Gazing Live event 20th January 2018


On a cloudy damp evening, talks inside the Cathedral were given by Emma Osborne a PhD student at the University of Southampton on Gravitational Waves. Followed by Prof. Roger Davies of the University of Oxford with Galaxies & Blackholes.

The evening was organised in-conjunction with Guildford Cathedral by Steve Piatkowski, Richard Stebbing & Julia Gaudelli

Pictures by Tony Questa & Pam Hewitt .



Solar Outreach at Guildford Cathedral 8th July 2017


A Solar Outreach day at Guildford Cathedral on the 8th July 2017.
Pictures by Tony Questa & Pam Hewitt.