Guildford Astronomical Society

Newlands Corner – Partial Eclipse of the Sun on 20th March

Maximum Partial Eclipse 20-Mar-2015GAS will be at Newlands Corner, Shere Road, next Friday morning, 20th March 2015 from 8:00am, observing the partial eclipse of the Sun and you’re all welcome to come along and bring your friends and families! Wear wellies or other sturdy footwear in case the field is muddy!

For information on safe viewing of the eclipse the Royal Astronomical Society and Society for Popular Astronomy have produced a useful downloadable booklet.

Viewed from Guildford the eclipse starts at 8:24am with the Moon’s disk just ‘nicking’ the edge of the Sun’s disk. The Moon will continue to eat into the Sun’s outline until it reaches about 84% maximum obscuration of the Sun’s disk at 9:30am and will then move away until the last ‘nick’ disappears at 10:40am – a duration of 2 hours 16 minutes. The eclipse will be partial from Guildford with increasing obscuration the further North you travel (94% in Aberdeen) and will be a rare Total Eclipse in the Faroe Islands. It will be the biggest eclipse in the UK since the total eclipse on 11th August 1999 and there won’t be another comparable partial eclipse in the UK until 12th August 2026 (total in Bilbao, Spain)!

For a great animation showing what the eclipse will look like visit the excellent website.

GAS Posters in PDF format advertising the event are available here (1up), here (2up) and here (4up).