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The Schrodinger Lecture 2019

The Schrodinger Lecture, 19th February 2019

Something that may be of interest, perhaps.
Professor Michele Dougherty will be delivering the 31st Schrodinger Lecture at Imperial College, London, at 5.30pm on Tuesday 19th February.

The lecture is entitled “The Cassini Spacecraft Mission at Saturn”.

GAS members may recall that Professor Dougherty visited us in May 2016 and gave us a talk about the JUICE (Jupiter’s Icy Moons) Mission.

The lecture is free to attend, and is open to all. But it is necessary to register in advance at the website and obtain a ticket.
The following link should take you to the appropriate web page :- Imperial College

Alternatively, it is fairly easy to find by Googling “Schrodinger Lecture”.
Hoping to see you there if you can make it!!