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Lecture Theatre L

As you may have noticed, whilst the acoustics of Lecture Theatre L at Surrey University are quite good, many of us have hearing impairments and a number of GAS members wear hearing aids.

Lecture Theatre L itself does not have an inductive loop but does have a Sennheiser system called MobileConnect. This system streams a feed from the speaker’s microphone via wifi to an app which will run on an iPhone, iPad or iPod or on an Android phone.

If you are Hard-of-Hearing and you have such a device you can download the app listen to presentations using it with your device headphones.
Further details are to be found at Assisted Listening

If you don’t have such a smartphone, iPad or iPod but you do wear hearing aids with a “T” setting (i.e. capable of responding to an inductive loop) we are able to borrow a pair of suitably set-up iPods with a neck-worn personal inductive loop from the University AV department. We did this at our November meeting – one user had difficulty with it but the other user found it worked very well. To determine who would benefit from this particular solution (i.e. if you use a hearing aid with a T-setting but you have no iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android phone) please would you let me know as soon as possible by email at .
It goes without saying that :
– we will continue to (strongly) encourage guest presenters and member speakers to use the microphone and
– if you struggle to hear but don’t use any assistive devices then sitting closer to the front of the lecture theatre will help.

With kind regards


Nick Tanton
President GAS

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