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John Axtell’s Stars Over Surrey

As John posted the other day, in this episode of Stars over Surrey he talks about the latest Block 5 version of Space X’s Falcon 9 launcher and also mentions Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.
Mars features quite a bit in both the programme and the extended podcast – InSight Mission, Mars 2020’s Helicopter, Curiosity rover, Phobos & Diemos, – even the current BBC Sci-Fi series ‘Missions’!
The second discovery of an interstellar asteroid gets a mention as does the discovery of Hydrogen Sulphide in the gas clouds of Uranus plus Gaia’s mapping of 1.7 billion stars.
Local Society news is included and also my What’s Up for June.
The podcast also features the Sun’s current paucity of Sunspots and the identification of a rocky asteroid in the Kuiper Belt.

The programme is repeated tonight (Monday the 4th of June 2018) at 11pm. The podcast, my What’s Up slides and a video for my constellation of the month (Bootes) will appear on the Brooklands Radio website soon.

For the live episode click here and click on listen live at the top of the page.

The podcast will be published here.

The next edition is scheduled for Friday 29 June at 7.30pm.