Guildford Astronomical Society

Stars over Surrey with John Axtell. January 2019

Tonight’s (Friday 25th January) Stars Over Surrey (at 7.20 pm) was recorded yesterday. We start with the Total Lunar Eclipse, the meteor strike that occurred during totality, finding fresh lunar craters. Then we move on to the Chinese farside mission, New Horizons at Ultima Thule and then discuss White Dwarf stars crystallising out. We managed also to squeeze in about half of the topics in my What’s Up for February, the rest being of course in the podcast. Other podcast topics are news from Blue Origins, Space X, the UK’s Black Arrow rocket and Cassini’s mapping of Titan using infra-red. Depending upon where you live this can be heard on DAB radio as well as the internet. The podcast lasts about 20 minutes longer than the broadcast version and usually becomes available over the weekend.

Repeated Monday at 11:00pm UK

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The podcast is published here.