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Stars over Surrey with John Axtell. October 2018

John Axtell with Stars over Surrey from Brooklands Radio is repeated on Monday 29th Oct, at 11pm UK.

water on mars

This month as John says in his FaceBook post he talks about the Soyuz mishap, Virgin Galactic, Hubble gyro problem, BepiColombo, Hyabusa 2 deploys MASCOT, 1st Exo-moon discovered, Mars subsurface water and of course my What’s Up. The eventual podcast will contain all of this plus The Goblin & Planet X (sounds like a Sci-Fi B movie!), SETI with lasers, mystery at Tau C. Pegasus & Andromeda are joint Constellations of the Month.

For the live episode click here and click on listen live at the top of the page.

The podcast is published here.