We were invited to the MSSL open day this year to support them with some solar astronomy outreach.

We put up banners and scopes in a covered position right outside the main entrance.  Under the clouds the sun-scopes remained objects of interest only, however MSSL is high in the Surrey Hills and the view across the Weald to the South Downs 30-odd miles away was clear enough that we could at least show the capabilities of the ‘normal’ scopes by showing distant features close-up, resulting in surprised ‘wows’. The photo below includes a Meade ETX, using a table as a mount.

A Valiant attempt to see the Sun through the cloud
Nope! No idea….
Meade ETX table mounted !

The Weather did not play ball !

Then it rained…
And didn’t stop

Hiding in a marquee just off the terrace was Rosalind

Rosalind Franklin Mars Rover. Part of the ESA ExoMars Programme. Targeted with a 2028 launch to Oxia Planum

Inside the main entrance

Make comets or visit GAIA

Inside Holmbury House a crowd gathered around the how-to-make-a comet presentation, highlighted by the presenter bashing the frozen result with a rolling pin!

What do Astronomers do when it rains?

Eat crêpes !

Obviously total bliss. Apparently there was a lot of chocolate in one of them ! Best kept at arms length !

Fish & Chips and ice cream were also close to hand !


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