A list of Books available to members in the GAS library.

The most recently acquired book is shown first, but the table is sortable & searchable.
A selection of books are brought along to the University Theatre each month by Matthew our Librarian.
If you would like to borrow a specific copy, please send a note via the “contact us” page.

Ac/NoTitleAuthorPublisherDate PublishedDate Acquired by GAS
353Variable StarsJ S GlasbyConstable19682019
352A Field Guide to the Stars and PlanetsDonald MenzelCollins19732019
351The Milky WayBart & Priscilla BokHarvard19742019
350Patrick Moore's Colour Star AtlasPatrick MooreMitchell Beazley19732019
349Astronomy and Space Vol 2Patrick MooreDavid & Charles19732019
348Messier's Nebulae and Star ClustersKenneth Glyn JonesFaber & Faber19682019
347Atlas of the HeavensEd J M MohrCzechoslovak Academy of Sciences19622019
346AstrophotographyThierry LegaultRocky Nook20142018
345Astrophotography for the AmateurMichael CovingtonCambridge1999
344Digital SLR AstrophotographyMichael CovingtonCambridge20182020
343Life in the UniverseLewis DartnellOneworld20072019
342Incoming! Or Why we should stop worrying and learn to love the MeteoriteTed NieldGranta20112020
341Meteorites and their Parent PlanetsHarry McSweenCambridge19992020
340Shooting Stars II
Nik Szymanek
Astronomy Now20192019
339Francois Felix Tisserand: Forgotten Genius of Celestial Mechanics
Janet Hyde & Neil Taylor
Observatoire Solaire
338Discover the Night Sky through Binoculars
Stephen Tonkin
BinocularSky Publishing
337Observing the Solar System
Gerald North
336The Sky at Night:
How to read the Solar System
Chris North & Paul Abel
BBC Books 20182019
335The Planet Factory: Exoplanets and the Search for a Second Earth
Elizabeth Tasker
334Voyage through the Universe (The complete set)Time Life Books
333On the Shoulders Of GiantsStephen HawkingRunning Press20052019
332Astrophotography: the most spectacular images of the universeRhodri EvansAndre Deutsch20172019
331Cambridge Guide to the Solar System
Kenneth LangCambridge20112019
330Guide to the Sun Kenneth PhillipsCambridge20082019
329Cosmology Michael Rowan RobinsonOxford
328Fundamental Astronomy
H. Karttunen et alSpringer
327Cosmology: the Science of the Universe
Edward Harrison
326StarsJames Kaler
Scientific American
325Cosmic Clouds
James KalerScientific American
324Introduction to Close Binary Stars
R W Hilditch
323Theory of Stellar Structure and Evolution
Dina Prialnik
322Introductory Special Relativity
W Rosser
CRC Press
321Introduction to the Evolution of Single and Binary Stars
Matthew Benacquista
320Variable StarsCuno Hoffmeister et al
319Their Majesties' Astronomers
Colin Ronan
Bodley Head
318SunspotsR.J. Bray & R.E. Loughhead
317Creating the International Space StationDavid Harland & John Catchpole
316David Levy's Guide to Variable Stars
David LevyCambridge2019
315Heliophysics: Plasma Physics of the Local Cosmos
Carolus SchrijverCambridge20102018
314Heliophysics: Space Storms and Radiation, Causes and Effects
Carolus SchrijverCambridge20112018
313Heliophysics: Active Stars, their Astrospheres and Impacts on Planetary Environments
Carolus Schrijver & Frances BagenalCambridge20182018
312The Solar CoronaLeon Golub & Jay Pasachoff Cambridge20092018
311Physics of the Solar CoronaMarkus AschwandenSpringer20092018
310Plasma Physics for AstrophysicsRussell KulsrudPrinceton20042018
309Magnetic Reconnection: MHD Theory and Applications
Eric Priest & Terry ForbesCambridge20002018
308Magnetohydrodynamics of the SunEric PriestCambridge20142018
307Space Physics: an Introduction to Plasmas and Particles in the Heliosphere and Magnetospheres
May-Britt KallenrodeSpringer20102018
306The New Solar System
J. Kelly Beatty, Carolyn Petersen, Andrew ChaikinCambridge19992018
305Solar System Update
Philippe Blondel & John Mason Springer20102018
304Jupiter: The Planet, Satellites and Magnetosphere
Fran Bagenal & Timothy DowlingCambridge20042018
303The Physics of Stars
A.C. Phillips Wiley19992018
302AsteroseismologyC. Aerts, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard & D. W. Kurtz Springer20162018
301The Stellar Initial Mass FunctionGerry Gilmore & Debbie HowellHerstmonceux Conference19982018
300Detection of Light: From Ultraviolet to Submillimeter
George Rieke Cambridge20092018
299Infrared Astronomy: Seeing the Heat
David ClementsCRC Press20142018
298Solar-type Activity in Main-Sequence Stars
Roald GershbergSpringer20102018
297GAIA: A European Space Project
Olivier Bienayme & Catherine Turon EDP Sciences 20022018
296GAIA: At the Frontiers of Astrometry
C. Turon, F. Meynadier & F. Arenou EDP Sciences 2018
295Extreme Ultraviolet Astronomy
Martin Barstow & Jay HolbergCambridge20082018
294Astrophysics Vol 1: Stars
Richard Bowers & Terry DeemingJones & Bartlett19842018
293High Energy Astrophysics Vol 2
Malcolm LongairCambridge20082018
292High Energy Astrophysics Vol 1
Malcolm LongairCambridge20082018
291Galaxies: Structure and Evolution (Wykeham Science)
R.J. Taylor Taylor & Francis 19782018
290Galaxies in the Universe: An IntroductionLinda Sparke & J. S. GallagherCambridge20112018
289Galaxies and Cosmology
Francoise Combes & Patrick BoisseSpringer19982018
288Globular Clusters: Guides to Galaxies
Tom Richtler & Soren LarsenSpringer20102018
287Blowing Bubbles in the CosmosT Hartquist, J Dyson & D RuffleOxford20042018
286The High-energy UniversePeter MeszarosCambridge20102018
285Gravity's Fatal Attraction: Black Holes in the UniverseMitchell Begelman & Martin ReesCambridge20092018
284An Introduction to Modern Cosmology
Andrew LiddleWiley20032018
283Gravitational WavesBrian CleggIcon Books20182018
282The Magic Furnace: The Search for the Origins of AtomsMarcus ChownRandom House19992018
281Space Astronomy: the UV Window on the UniverseAna Gomez de CastroSpringer20142018
280Handbook of Space Astronomy and AstrophysicsMartin ZombeckCambridge20062018
279Telescopes and TechniquesC R Kitchin Springer20122018
278A Student's Guide to the Mathematics of AstronomyDaniel Fleisch & Julia KregenowCambridge20132018
277Positional Astronomy and Astro-Navigation made Easy with a pocket calculatorH R MillsWiley19782018
276Long Exposure AstrophotographyAllan HallCreateSpace20132018
275Electronic Imaging in Astronomy: Detectors and InstrumentationIan McleanSpringer20152018
274Space PhysiologyJay BuckeyOUP USA20062018
273The Southern Sky GuideDavid Ellyard & Wil TirionCambridge20012018
272Uranometria Deep Sky Atlas (2 vols)Wil Tirion, Barry Rappaport Willmann-Bell20012018
271Uranometria DeepSky Field GuideMurray Cragin, Emil BonannoWillmann-Bell20012018
270The Stars: A New Way to see them H A ReyHoughton Mifflin20082018
269The Astrophotography ManualChris WoodhouseFocal Press20152018
268To Measure the Sky: An Intro to Observational Astronomy Frederick ChromeyCambridge20162018
267The Deep-Sky Imaging Primer Charles BrackenCreateSpace20132018
266The History of Astronomy : A Very Short IntroductionMichael HoskinOxford20032018
265Galaxies: A Very Short Introduction John GribbinOxford20082018
264Galileo: A Very Short Introduction Stillman DrakeOxford20012018
263Cosmology: A Very Short Introduction Peter ColesOxford20012018
262Planetary Landscapes R GreeleySpringer20092018
261Fundamental Planetary Science Jack Lissauer, Imke de PaterCambridge20132018
260Comparative Climatology of the Terrestrial Planets Stephen Mackwell, Amy Simon-MillerUni of Arizona Press20132018
259Mission Jupiter: The Journey of the Galileo SpacecraftDaniel FischerCopernicus20012018
258Astrobiology: A Brief Introduction Kevin Plaxco, Michael GrossJohns Hopkins Uni Press20112018
257Young Sun, Early Earth & the Origins of Life Muriel Gargaud, Herve MartinSpringer20132018
256Sunquakes: Probing the Interior of the Sun J B Zirker Johns Hopkins Uni Press2003
255The Physics of Solar Flares Einar Tandberg-Hanssen, Gordon EmslieCambridge20092018
254Heliophysics: Evolving Solar Activity & Climates of Space & Earth Carolus Schrijver, George SiscoeCambridge2010
253Drifting on Alien Winds Michael CarrollSpringer2011
252Astronomy for Older Eyes James L. Chen
251The Night Sky Observer's Guide: Autumn and Winter George Robert Kepple, Glen W. SannerWillmann-Bell19982018
250Music of the Sun William ChaplinOneworld20062018
249Eyes on the Sky: A Spectrum of TelescopesFrancis Graham-SmithOxford20162018
248The Chemical Cosmos: A Guided TourSteve MillerSpringer 20112018
247A Question and Answer Guide to AstronomyCarol Christian and Jean-Rene RoyCambridge University Press20172018
246Astronomy Adventures and VacationsTimothy TreadwellSpringer20172018
245The End of NightPaul BogardBack Bay Books 20142018
244Practical Astronomy with your Calculator or SpreadsheetPeter Duffett-Smith and Jonathan ZwartCambridge University Press20112018
243The Amazing Unity of the Universe: And its Origin in the Big BangEdward van den HeuvelSpringer20162017
242Gravity: Cracking the Cosmic CodeNicholas MeeVirtual Image Publishing20142017
241Shooting Stars: The Ultimate Guide to Photographing the UniverseNik SzymanekAstronomy Now20142017
240Transit: When Planets Cross the Sun Michael Maunder & Patrick MooreSpringer20002016
239The Sun in EclipseMichael Maunder & Patrick MooreSpringer19982016
238Aurora: Observing and Recording Nature's spectacular Light ShowNeil BoneSpringer20072016
237Cambridge History of Science Volume 5: The Modern Physical and Mathematical SciencesEd. Mary Jo NyeCambridge20022016
236Choosing and Using Astronomical EyepiecesWilliam PaoliniSpringer20132016
235The Rainbow Sky: An Exploration of Colours in the Solar System and BeyondTony BuickSpringer20102016
234Observing Meteors, Comets, Supernovae and other transient PhenomenaNeil BoneSpringer19982016
233Make Time for the Stars: Fitting Astronomy into your busy LifeAntony CookeSpringer20102016
232Viewing the Constellations with Binoculars: 250+ Wonderful Sky Objects to See and ExploreBojan KambicSpringer20102016
231Astronomy of the Milky Way: The Observer's Guide to the Northern Milky WayMichael InglisSpringer20042016
230The Cosmic Microwave Background: How it Changed our Understanding of the UniverseRhodri EvansSpringer20142016
22915 Million Degrees: A Journey to the Centre of the SunLucie GreenViking20162016
228DVD Skywatching: Seeing and Understanding Cosmic Wonders 12 LecturesThe Teaching CompanyThe Teaching Company20112015
227DVD Experiencing Hubble: Understanding the Greatest Images of the Universe 12 LecturesThe Teaching CompanyThe Teaching Company20112015
226Cosmic Butterflies: the Colourful Mysteries of Planetary NebulaeSun KwokCambridge20012015
225New Worlds, New Horizons in Astronomy and AstrophysicsNational Research CouncilNational Academies Press20112015
224The New CosmosDavid EicherCambridge20152016
223Interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas Desk EditionR Stoyan & S Schurig Cambridge20142016
222The Fullness of Space: Nebulae, Stardust and the Interstellar MediumGareth Wynn-WilliamsCambridge19922015
221Discovery and Classification in AstronomySteven DickCambridge20132016
220Year Book of Astronomy Patrick Moore, 1989 Patrick MooreSidgwick & Jackson1989
219Year Book of Astronomy Patrick Moore, 1988Patrick MooreSidgwick & Jackson1988
218Year Book of Astronomy Patrick Moore, 1987 Patrick MooreSidgwick & Jackson1987
217Year Book of Astronomy Patrick Moore, 1986Patrick MooreSidgwick & Jackson1986
216Year Book of Astronomy Patrick Moore, 1985Patrick MooreSidgwick & Jackson1985
215Year Book of Astronomy Patrick Moore, 1984Patrick MooreSidgwick & Jackson1984
214Year Book of Astronomy Patrick Moore, 1983Patrick MooreSidgwick & Jackson1983
213Year Book of Astronomy Patrick Moore, 1982Patrick MooreSidgwick & Jackson1982
212Year Book of Astronomy Patrick Moore, 1980Patrick MooreSidgwick & Jackson1980
211Year Book of Astronomy Patrick Moore, 1979Patrick MooreSidgwick & Jackson1979
210Year Book of Astronomy Patrick Moore, 1976Patrick MooreSidgwick & Jackson1976
209Year Book of Astronomy Patrick Moore, 1975Patrick MooreSidgwick & Jackson1975
208Year Book of Astronomy Patrick Moore, 1973Patrick MooreSidgwick & Jackson1973
207X-ray AstronomyCulhane & SanfordFaber1981
206World within the World, TheJohn BarrowOxford19881988
205World of Mars, TheV.A. FirsoffOliver & Boyd19692006
204Wonders of the UniverseBrian CoxCollins2011
203Wonders of the Solar SystemBrian CoxCollins2010
202What’s Out There: Images from Here to the Edge of the UniverseBaumann, Hopkins & SoluriDuncan Baird20052005
201Webb Society DSOH Vol 8 – Variable starsEnslow
200Webb Society DSOH Vol 7 – The Southern SkyEnslow1987
199Webb Society DSOH Vol 6 – Anonymous GalaxiesEnslow1987
198Webb Society DSOH Vol 5 – Clusters of GalaxiesEnslow1982
197Webb Society DSOH Vol 4 – GalaxiesEnslow1981
196Webb Society DSOH Vol 3 – Open and Globular ClustersEnslow1980
195Webb Society DSOH Vol 2 – Planetary and Gaseous NebulaeEnslow1979
194Webb Society DSOH Vol 1 – Double StarsEnslow1986
193Webb Society Deep-Sky Observer’s Handbook – Star Atlas (#1)Webb SocietyWebb Society20022004
192Webb Society Deep-Sky Observer’s Handbook – Star Atlas (#1)Webb Society2002
191Water and the search for life on MarsDavid HarlandSpringer2005
190Voyage in Space, AH.H. TurnerSheldon Press19272006
189Visions of the Future: Astronomy and Earth ScienceEd. J. ThompsonCambridge2001
188Using the TelescopeJ Hedley RobinsonDavid & Charles1978
187Universe, TheLife Nature LibraryTime Life1970
186Universe in a Nutshell, TheStephen HawkingBantam Press20012001
185Universe Around Us, TheJames JeansCambridge1944
184Universe (textbook)Roger FreedmanFreeman2007
183Turn Left at Orion: 100 Objects to See in a Small TelescopeGuy Consolmagno & Dan DavisCambridge UP20002004
182Trends in AstronomyHutchinson2004?2005
181Travellers in Space and TimePatrick Moore1983
180Total Solar Eclipses and How to Observe ThemMartin MobberleySpringer2007
179Textbook of Astronomy – Facts and FeatsAPatrick Moore1979
178Telescope, a Short History, TheRichard DunnConway Maritime Press2011
177Surface of the Moon: Its Structure and OriginV.A. Firsoff1961
176Sun, a Biography, TheDavid WhitehouseWiley2004
175Story of Greenwich, TheClive AsletFourth Estate19992013
174Story of Astronomy, ThePatrick MooreMacDonald19771977
173Stars – from Superstition to Supernova, TheNigel Henbest & Heather CouperPan/Channel 41988
172Stars over EuropePhilippe Henarejos
Konemann 2006
171Stars in their Courses, TheIsaac AsimovWhite Lion19712006
170Stars in the MakingCecilia Payne-GaposchkinEyre & Spottiswoode19532006
169Stars and PlanetsRobin KerrodRainbow1991
168Stargazing SecretsAnton VamplewCollins20072007
167Star-hopping for Backyard AstronomersAlan MacrobertSky publishing corp1993
166Star called the Sun, AGeorge GamowPelican19652006
165Spectroscopy, the Key to the StarsKeith RobinsonSpringer20072013
164Space is a Funny Place (Cartoons)Colin PillingerBarnstorm Productions20072013
163Space in the SixtiesPatrick MoorePelican19632006
162Space DataNeville BarterNorthrop Grumman2003
161Solar System, TheScientific AmericanScientific American19752006
160Solar System, TheGiles SparrowThunder Bay Press20062012
159Solar System Observer Pack (Guide Poster)Photographic ChartPhilips2005
158Solar EclipseThomas CrumpConstable1999
157Small Astronomical ObservatoriesPatrick MooreSpringer1996
156Sleepwalkers, TheArthur KoestlerPelican1959
155SkywatchingDavid Levy
154Sky is your Laboratory, TheRobert BuchheimSpringer20072013
153Sky at Night: Answers to Questions from across the UniversePatrick Moore & Chris NorthBBC20122013
152Simple StargazingAnton VamplewIndex20052007
151Signpost to the StarsGeorge PhilipPhilips1986
150Secret Deep, TheStephen James O’Meara & Mario MottaCambridge2011
149Revised New General CatalogueJack Sulentic & William TiftUniversity of Arizona Press19732012
148Redshift 4Maris FocusMaris Focus20002004
147Real Mars, TheMichael HanlonConstable20042007
146Radio Universe, TheRoy WorvillKuhn & Averill19771977
145Question and Answer Guide to Astronomy Bely, Pierre-Yves, Christian, Carol, Roy, Jean-RenCambridge20102010
144PlanetsNicholas BoothGrange Books1995
143Photoshop AstronomyR. Scott IrelandWillman-Bell2009
142PhilipsStargazing with a TelescopeRobin ScagellPhilips20102013
141Philips Stargazing with BinocularsRobin Scagell & David FrydmanPhilips20102013
140Philips Star Chart Epoch 2000John Cox & Richard MonkhousePhilips1990
139Philips Practical AstronomyStorm DunlopPhilips2009
138Philips Pocket Star AtlasJohn CoxPhilips1993
137Philips Dark Skies MapPhilips20042005
136Philips Complete Guide to StargazingRobin ScagellPhilips2006
135Philips Atlas of the UniversePatrick MoorePhilips20012006
134Patrick Moore’s Databook of AstronomyPatrick Moore & Robin ReesCambridge20112012
133Patrick Moore on VenusPatrick MooreCassell20022011
132Patrick Moore on MarsPatrick MooreCassell19982011
131Pan book of AstronomyJames MuirdenPan19642006
130Origin of the UniverseJohn BarrowWeidenfeld & Nicolson19942014
129On the Shores of the Unknown: a Short History of the UniverseJoseph SilkCambridge20052013
128Of Stars and MenHarlow ShapleyElek19582006
127Observing Variable StarsGerry GoodSpringer2003
126Observing the Universe (A new Scientist Guide)ed. Nigel Henbest1984
125Observing the Night SkyFAS Booklet20082008
124Observing the Deep SkyDarren BushnallCrowood20052011
123Observing CometsNick James & Gerald NorthSpringer2003
122Observer’s Year, ThePatrick MooreSpringer1998
121Observer’s Handbook: Astronomy from Towns and SuburbsRobin ScagellPhilips1994
120Observer’s Book of Manned SpaceflightReginald TurnillFrederick Warne19722006
119Observe: a Guide to the Messier Objects (Booklet)Edward HolyokeAstronomical League1966
118Observational Amateur Astronomer, ThePatrick MooreSpringer19951995
117Norton’s Star Atlas and Telescopic HandbookNorton & InglisGall & Inglis1950
116Norton’s Star AtlasArthur Norton ed Gilbert SatterthwaiteGall & Inglis19732014
115Norton’s 2000 Star AtlasIan RidpathAddison Wesley2003
114Non-existent Star Clusters of the RNGC, TheBrent ArchinalEnslow19931993
113New Universe, TheLovell et alIliffe1968?1968
112New Science in the Solar SystemNew ScientistNew Scientist19752006
111New Astronomy Guide: Stargazing in the Digital AgePatrick MooreCarlton20122013
110New Amateur Astronomer, TheMartin MobberleySpringer2004
109Neptune: the Planet, Rings and SatellitesEllis D. Miner & Randii R. WessenSpringer20022002
108Neighbours of the Earth: Planets, Comets & the Debris of Spaceed. Thornton Pageed. Thornton Page19652006
107Need to Know? StargazingPeter GregoCollins20052011
106My Life on Mars: Beagle 2 DiariesColin PillingerBritish Interplanetary Society20102013
105Moonwatch ObserverPack (GuidePoster MapPhilips20032004
104Moon, ThePatrick MooreRAS/ Mitchell Beazley19811981
103Moon Map (Large-scale)National Geogra19692014
102Moon Flight AtlasPatrick Moore1970
101Moon as Viewed by Lunar Orbiter, TheNASA1970
100Moon, Mars and VenusAntonin RuklHamlyn1976
99Moon a Biography, TheDavid WhitehouseWiley2002
98Modern Universe, TheRaymond A. Lyttleton1957
97Modern AstronomyH.H. TurnerConstable19012006
96Mission to SaturnDavid HarlandSpringer2002
95MeteoritesCaroline SmithNatural History Museum2009
94Messier Objects: A Beginner’s GuideKathy Machin & Sue WheatleyAstronomical League of USA19972005
93Messier Objects, TheStephen James O’MearaCambridge
92Messier CardSky & TelescopeSky & Telescope20032005
91Mars: Uncovering the Secrets of the Red PlanetPaul Raeburn & Matt GolombekNational Geographic Society2004
90Mars: a Warmer Wetter PlanetJeffrey KargelSpringer2004
89Mars in Their Eyes (Cartoons)Colin PillingerPPARC20062013
88Mariner 6 and 7 Pictures of Mars, TheStewart A. Collins19711971
87Lunar and Planetary Webcam User’s GuideMartin MobberleySpringer2006
86Lights in the Sky: Astronomical and Meteorological PhenomenaMichael MaunderSpringer2007
85Light Pollution: Responses and RemediesBob MizonSpringer2002
84Larousse Encyclopedia of AstronomyLarousse1966
83Just Six NumbersMartin ReesPhoenix1999
82Journeys of Voyager, TheRobin KerrodPrion1990
81Journey to the StarsStuart ClarkOxford20002006
80ITALY in Space before and after SIRIO1978
79Inventions from Outer SpaceDavid BakerScientific American20002012
78Internal Constitution of the Stars, TheA.S. EddingtonDover19262006
77Individual and the Universe, TheBernard LovellOxford19592006
76Illustrated Atlas of the UniverseMark Garlick & Wil TirionCity Press20062006
75History of the Royal Astronomical Society 1820-1920J Drager & H TurnerRAS/Blackwell1923/19872012
74History of Astronomy: an EncyclopediaJohn LankfordRoutledge1997
73Higgs Force: Cosmic Symmetry ShatteredNicholas MeeQuantum Wave Publishing20122013
72Hidden TreasuresStephen James O’MearaCambridge2006
71Herschel 400 Observing GuideStephen James O’MearaCambridge2007
70Hatfield Photographic Lunar Atlas, TheEd Jeremy CookSpringer1999
69Handbook for Telescope MakingN E HowardFaber & Faber19692014
68Handbook for Star TrackersJim BallardSky1988
67Guide to Lunar Orbiter PhotographsNASA1970
66Guide to Beagle 2, TheColin PillingerC T Pillinger/Faber & Faber20032003
65Guide to AstronomyJames MuirdenPan1972
64Guide to AstronomyDavid BakerHamlyn1978
63Frozen Star – of PulsarsBlack Holes and the Fate of StarsGeorge Greenstein1984
62From Quark to Quasar: Notes on the Scale of the UniversePeter CadoganCambridge19852014
61Exploring the Southern SkySvend Laustsen et alSpringer Verlag1987
60Exploring the Night Sky with BinocularsPatrick MooreCambridge2000
59Exploring the GalaxiesSimon MittonScribners19762014
58Everyman’s Astronomyed. R.H. StoyEveryman19742006
57Ever-Changing Sky, TheJames KalerCambridge2006
56Elegant Universe, TheBrian GreeneVintage19991999
55EclipseJ.P. McEvoy4th Estate19992006
54EclipseDuncan SteelHeadline19992006
53Earth Satellite, The New Satellite Projects ExplainedPatrick Moore1955
52Earth Below, The: a Look at Satellite Remote Sensing (Booklet)The: a Look at Satellite Remote Sensing (Booklet)British National Space CentreBritish National Space Centre
51Dobsonian Telescope, TheDavid Kriege & Richard BerryWillman-Bell Inc.19982006
50Discovering the UniverseBernard & Joyce LovellBenn1963
49Discover the MoonJean Lacroux & Christian LegrandCambridge20032010
48Deep-Sky Companions: Hidden TreasuresStephen James O’MearaCambridge2007
47Crab Nebula, TheSimon MittonFaber & Faber19792011
46Cosmic Landscape: Voyages back along the Photon’s TrackMichael Rowan-RobinsonOxford19792006
45Cosmic Company: the Search for Life in the UniverseSeth Shostak & Alex BarnettCambridge2003
44ConstellationsKlepesta & RuklHamlyn1969
43Constellation GuidebookAntonin RuklSterling2000
42Concise Encyclopedia of AstronomyA. Weigert & H. Zimmermann
41Companion to the CosmosJohn GribbinPhoenix Giant1996
40Collapsing Universe: the story of Black Holes, TheIsaac AsimovHutchinson19772006
39Check a Possible Supernova – Set 2Juhani Salmi19852006
38Check a Possible Supernova – Set 1Juhani Salmi19842006
37Canopus Encyclopedia of Astronomyed. Paul Murdin & Margaret PenstonCanopus20042006
36Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomyed. Simon MittonCambridge1977
35Cambridge Deep-Sky AlbumJack Newton & Philip TeeceCambridge2014
34Caldwell Objects, TheStephen James O’MearaCambridge
33Caldwell CardSky & TelescopeSky & Telescope20012004
32Buying your TelescopeFAS Booklet20072008
31Burnhams Celestial Handbook: an Observer’s Guide to the Universe beyond the Solar System Vols 1-3Robert BurnhamDover19782013
30Building a Roll-off Roof ObservatoryJohn HicksSpringer2009
29Bluffer’s Guide to the Quantum Universe, TheJack KlaffOval Books20062011
28Bluffer’s Guide to the Cosmos, TheDaniel HudonOval Books20092011
27Birth of Time, TheTSP2006
26Before the BeginningMartin ReesTouchstone1997
25Beagle: from Sailing Ship to Mars SpacecraftColin PillingerFaber & Faber2010
24BANG! A Complete History of the UniverseLintottMoore & May2006
23Backyard Astronomers Guide, TheDickinson & DyerDickinson & Dyer
22ATLAS of Surveyor 5 Television dataNASA1974
21Atlas of Deep-Sky SplendorsHans VehrenbergSky Publishing Corp1983
20Astronomy: Eyewitness CompanionsIan RidpathDorling Kindersley2006
19Astronomy for DummiesStephen MaranWiley20132013
18Astronomy EncyclopediaGen: Patrick MoorePhilips20022004
17Astronomy Before the TelescopeEd Christopher WalkerBritish Museum1996
16AstronomyFred HoyleMacDonald19622006
15Astronomical Telescope, TheB.V. BarlowWykeham1975
14Astronomical Spectroscopy for AmateursKen HarrisonSpringer20112013
13Astronomical Almanac for 1985, TheHMSOHMSO19852006
12Artful Universe, TheJohn BarrowOxford19952014
11Are We Being Watched? The Search for Life in the CosmosPaul MurdinThames & Hudson20132014
10Answer Book of AstronomyIain Nicholson1975
9Analysis of Apollo 10 Photography and Visual ObservationsNASANASA1971
8Amateur Astronomer’s PathfinderColin HumphreyWiley1992
7Alien VolcanoesRosaly Lopes & Michael CarrollJohns Hopkins University20082014
6Alien Seas: Oceans in SpaceRosaly Lopes & Michael CarrollSpringer20132014
5Alien Life: the Search for ET and beyondBarry ParkerPlenum Trade19982011
4Age of Space, TheThe U.S. Information ServiceU.S. Information Service1968?2006
3Advanced Amateur AstronomyGerald NorthEdinburgh19912011
2Adjustment and Testing of Telescope Objectives, TheH Dennis TaylorAdam Hilger1983
1100 Billion Suns – the birth, life and death of the starsRudolf KippenhahnRudolf Kippenhahn1983