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Emily Baldwin

Dr Emily BaldwinDr Emily Baldwin

Sent in by Emily Baldwin.

I am currently in my final year of my PhD in Planetary Science. My research interests focus on the mechanics of impact cratering, through laboratory experiments and numerical modelling, to understand how varying targets (i.e. dry vs. wet, porous vs. non-porous, hard-rock vs. sediments) affect the way impact craters form. I’m also looking at how the impacting body survives an impact event. There may be ancient fragments of terrestrial meteorites on the lunar surface, which, if discovered, would provide vital information on the early history of the Earth. Projectile survivability is also important for the theory that life could or has travelled through the interstellar medium on an asteroid and survive an impact, inhabiting the planet it strikes.

I am also an active council member for the Society for Popular Astronomy. I’m the editor for Prime Space, and have just completed the setting up of the ‘Young Star-Gazers’ section of the SPA, aimed at under 16s.

Emily is from Guildford and used to attend GAS meetings when she was a youngster.

DateTalk at GAS meeting
7 Feb 2008Impact Craters