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Prof Katherine Blundell

Prof Katherine BlundellProf Katherine Blundell

Katherine Blundell is a Professor of Astrophysics at Oxford University and a Research Fellow at St John's College. Prior to this she was one of the Royal Society's University Research Fellows, having been a Research Fellow of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 and before that a Junior Research Fellow at Balliol College, Oxford.

Her awards include a Philip Leverhulme Prize in Astrophysics, the Royal Society's Rosalind Franklin Medal in 2010, the Institute of Physics Bragg Medal in 2012 and the Royal Astronomical Society's Darwin Lectureship in 2015.

Her research interests span a broad range of topics. She has published extensively on the evolution of active galaxies and their life cycles, on the accretion of material near black holes and the launch and propagation of relativistic jets. She uses techniques from across the electromagnetic spectrum, both imaging and spectroscopy, as well as computational techniques.

A major project she has initiated is Global Jet Watch, which aims to:

  • take advantage of the rotation of the Earth to make a novel exploration in time-domain astrophysics
  • understand how matter behaves in the vicinity of a black hole
  • to obtain round-the-clock measurements of scaled-down models of quasars that are in our own Galaxy
  • to deploy a round-the-world network of telescopes in boarding schools, where pupils will take observations and learn about astronomy, maths, physics, engineering and technology
  • to inspire a new generation of globally astute scientists.
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1 Dec 2016Black Holes and Spin-offs