Guildford Astronomical Society

Prof Anthony Brown,
Manchester University

Prof Anthony Brown - Manchester UniversityProf Anthony Brown

Prof Anthony Brown is Associate Dean for the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Manchester where he is a member of the senior management team for the faculty, the largest in the UK, with special responsibility for Teaching and Learning.

In research he is heavily involved in antennas, propagation, wireless communications and in radar. Specific recent projects include:

  • Ultra-wide band antennas and propagation
  • Wide band large scale arrays for radio astronomy (Square Kilometre Array)
  • Impact of Wind Turbines on Radar systems
  • RF Friendly Buildings (Frequency Sensitive Walls)
  • Interference effects in UWB communications and
  • Sidelobe limits in small array antennas
DateTalk at GAS meeting
3 Jun 2010The Square Kilometre Array

This replaces the original talk titled Galaxy Evolution and star formation in local galaxies which was to be given by Dr Claire Bretherton, University of Portsmouth, who has now emigrated to NZ.