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Prof Bill Chaplin

Prof Bill Chaplin - University of BirminghamProf Bill Chaplin

A list of talks to GAS by Prof Bill Chaplin is shown below.

DateTalk at GAS meeting
7 Feb 2013Asteroseismology and exoplanets with the NASA Kepler Mission.
3 Sep 2015Sounding stars and the search for exoplanets: New results from Kepler/K2, and future prospects for TESS and PLATO

In January 2013 I gave a talk to the Society on the new results from the NASA Kepler Mission on asteroseismology -- the study of the natural resonances of stars -- and how we were using those results to classify newly discovered stellar systems elsewhere in our Galaxy comprising Sun-like stars and newly discovered exoplanets. In this talk I will update the wealth of new results that have appeared in the last two years, discuss the discoveries we are beginning to make with Kepler in its new "K2" mode of operation, and also look to the future with the planned NASA Mission TESS and the planned European Space Agency Mission PLATO.