Guildford Astronomical Society

Prof Tim Greenshaw

A list of talks to GAS by Prof Tim Greenshaw is shown below.

DateTalk at GAS meeting
1 Sep 2016Exploring the Non-Thermal Universe: the Cherenkov Telescope Array

Images of the Universe made at different wavelengths and hence temperatures give us information about the current state of the Cosmos and how it evolved. Studying non-thermal radiation with current and future instruments will allow us to understand the most violent events occurring in the Universe and will give us insight into some fascinating problems. For example, the origin of the cosmic rays that bombard the Earth's atmosphere with energies orders of magnitude higher than we are able to produce in the most powerful accelerators, like the LHC, will be revealed, as will perhaps the nature of Dark Matter, the major component of the material in the Universe which so far we have only seen through its gravitational interactions.

This talk will discuss some of the physics that will be made accessible with the Cherenkov Telescope Array, describe the instruments under construction for the Array and present the current status of the project.