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Dr Ghina M. Halabi

Ghina Halabi - Credit: Ghina HalabiGhina Halabi
Credit: Ghina Halabi

Ghina M. Halabi, BSci., MSci., PhD, is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Institute of Astronomy and a Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge.
She is the first person to obtain a PhD in Astrophysics from a Lebanese institution, the American University of Beirut, where she worked as a lecturer before coming to Cambridge.
Her PhD investigated the lives of stars and the formation of the chemical elements in the Universe.
She is a mentor, educator, blogger, TEDx speaker and a published scholar. She is an invited speaker and panellist at several international astronomy conferences and interdisciplinary forums.
As a member of the United Nations Space for Women Project, she advocates gender equality in STEM. She frequently engages in outreach projects including the Cambridge Science Festival. She is the founder of “Scheherazade Speaks Science”, a science platform to improve the representation and visibility of female scientists.
DateTalk at GAS meeting
1 Nov 2018The intimate lives of stars

Stars are our intimate connection with the cosmos and exploring them is an exploration of our own cosmological heritage. They live eventful lives then fade away and die, donating matter back to the Universe, matter which may form new stars and planets one day.
How do we study them?
What do we know about them and what mysteries do they still hold?
That’s what the talk will unfold.