Guildford Astronomical Society

Guy Hurst

Taken from Guy's own website.

In 1975 Guy became Editor of The Astronomer, a monthly magazine for active observers of the night sky and, 34 years later, he still holds this post.

In 1976 he formed the UK Nova/Supernova patrol to encourage amateur astronomers to search for these exploding stars. The numerous successes using both simple binoculars and more advanced electronic telescopes means the project appeals to many observers. If you are interested in more detail you can email Guy at

From 2001 to 2003 he was President of the British Astronomical Association and earlier, in June 1998, he received the Walter Goodacre Medal from the Association.

In October 2005 he received an award from the Royal Astronomical Society (professional astronomers) for services to astronomy.

His main aim has been to promote active observing of the night sky. Regular meetings are held and he is involved in a launch of observers' workshops.

DateTalk at GAS meeting
3 Sep 2009The Search for Novae and Supernovae: from visual to laptop

See Guy's presentation here [PDF: 12.3Mb, Members only].

5 Apr 2012Pro-Am Liaison in Astronomy
5 Jan 2017Variable Stars: a vital area of observing for amateur astronomers

A study of the history of variable stars is described and the huge efforts to catalogue and classify them. The work of the various organisations such as the AAVSO and BAA Variable Star Section is described and how a team effort pooling results from many observers can be very valuable. The drawing of charts and how comparison stars are selected and measured will be covered, Special emphasis given on unique variables which defy classification especially the eruptives objects.