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Prof. Chris Lintott

Prof Chris Lintott - Credit: Crown CopyrightProf Chris Lintott
Credit: Crown Copyright

My background is in work on the chemistry associated with star formation, but these days I think about galaxy formation and run citizen science projects to investigate galaxy formation, discover planets and more.
Professor Lintott was Co-Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Computational Cosmology from 2010-2014, where he focused on devloping the Zooniverse, a citizen science platform.
Professor Lintott is also presenter of The Sky at Night on BBC Four.
DateTalk at GAS meeting
3 Nov 2005Cosmology for the Terrified
4 Dec 2014Is the Milky Way special: Our galaxy and the other galaxies
3 Sep 2020A Zoom talk:- Crowd and the Cosmos

Astronomer Chris Lintott explains how you could help astronomers sort through galaxies, explore the surface of Mars, or even discover a planet. This is the story of the Zooniverse, which has enlisted more than two million people in the search for cosmic truth. Using stories drawn from contemporary research, this talk describes their discoveries - including the most mysterious star in the Milky Way - and argues that the search for the truly unusual could rely on you. The talk includes at least one picture of penguins.