Guildford Astronomical Society

Dr Tony Marsh

Tony is now retired after some 40 years as a research chemist. About three quarters of that time was spent working on tropospheric pollution chemistry including cloud chemistry. He spent some time catching clouds on mountain tops and with aircraft all over Europe. This inevitably gave rise to a signature tune from Mick Jagger and company of 'Get off of my cloud'. It also lead to family comments on dismal UK holidays of "Why does dad have to bring his work on holiday?".

He joined GAS in 1996 and has been learning to live with clear skies ever since.

DateTalk at GAS meeting
6 Sep 2001Redshift and Black Hoyles
4 Sep 2003The Odyssey of Galaxies
2 Sep 2004The Strange Case of the Blue Stragglers & the Missing Dark Matter
3 May 2007Two Arcseconds per Month
1 May 2008The Sky is Falling
4 Feb 2010Wanderers far from home

Download Tony's presentation here [ZIP: 26.3MB, Members only]. Left-click on the link to start downloading the ZIP file. Place it into a new folder you create (the name isn't important) and then extract all of the files to that folder. Double-click the Wanderers.ppt file to start.

NB:In an attempt to reduce download sizes I had recompressed two of Tony's original video files and these have caused some problems. The full download above is now correct and the two original video files are included here [ZIP: 5.43MB, Members only] to save those who downloaded the original 23.6MB ZIP file from having to download everything again.

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