Guildford Astronomical Society

Kevin Pretorius

Kevin is an amateur astronomer and active member of the Farnham AS where he currently serves on the committee as Programme Secretary. He has a degree in computer engineering, works as a project manager in the IT industry and enjoys writing software, but on a clear night you're more likely find him out under the stars with binoculars or a telescope, and possibly doing a little imaging.

His interest in astronomy, physics, maths and science in general dates back to junior school days, where he eagerly digested books and magazines on space and astronomy; keenly followed the space race; and studied the skies with the aid of a very cheap, blurry and unsteady 60x60mm refractor. He promised to replace the refractor with 'something better' when he grew up, but that promise wasn't honoured until perhaps 30 years later, after teenage pursuits, university studies, career and family had finished occupying centre stage. His active pursuit of astronomy was rekindled in his mid-40s with the purchase of an 8" S/N Meade LXD55, which has recently been displaced by the purchase of something a little more serious.

Kevin is motivated by a strong desire to understand how the universe really works, and to share that understanding with others. He's a regular speaker at Farnham AS, participates in their public outreach and observing events, and contributes occasional articles to their website. He has a science and astronomy blog on MySpace and (by his own admission) spends way too much time on their forums explaining scientific concepts to anyone who will listen, and debunking pseudo-scientific claims from those who generally won't.

He has an understanding wife, two teenage children, and lives near Camberley in Surrey.

DateTalk at GAS meeting
4 Nov 2010Sizing the Universe

Download Kevin's presentation here [PPT: 2MB, Members only].

1 Oct 2015The Big Bang Theory