Guildford Astronomical Society

Grant Privett

Grant Privett is an amateur astronomer currently based in Wiltshire. Cranborne Chase is not exactly Mauna Kea or La Palma, but is pretty good for southern England, which is just as well as his main observing interests are deep-sky. If it’s stupidly faint, then he will be trying to image it with the 250mm f4.4 Newtonian on an EQ6 which he sets up every clear dark night (back ache permitting).

Currently, he earns his daytime crust working as a physicist – specialising in imaging and image processing of various sorts – but he has in the past been employed as a professional astronomer/programmer and was responsible for writing the ESP Galaxy Photometry software suite for Starlink. Going even further back he spent 10 years working at what was the Royal Gunpowder factory at Waltham Abbey having a great time – The Joy of RDX. Increasingly, he find himself writing articles for magazines and also giving talks to local societies – though he does moan that it keeps him away from observing. To make matters even less clear, he has written a couple of books for Springer and is now working on his third.

DateTalk at GAS meeting
7 Oct 201010 Must-See Astronomical Objects

Download Grant's presentation here [PPT: 9.3MB, Members only].