Guildford Astronomical Society

Our Twinned Society

Houston Astronomical Society

Brian States with Larry Wadle from Houston had been instrumental bringing to fruition the idea of twinning both Societies. Larry had been attending GAS meetings whilst working in Guildford on secondment. 1987 saw the formal signing of the Twinning charter between GAS and the Houston Astronomical Society which was signed by him and the President of Houston Astronomical Society, Lee Cain on 5th June, 1987.

Initially, the idea was to co-operate on joint projects of scientific value, such as the observation of variable stars. The 90 degree difference in the longitude of our 2 Societies allows a longer period of observing a given object. As we lose an object in the morning sky – Houston being 6 hours behind us can carry on with the observation. There was also an exchange of magazines and written letters between members of the two Societies. We also published a monthly article (‘Pond Talk’), in the Houston Magazine, ‘GUIDESTAR’, thus keeping them up to date with what is happening over here.  At present, unfortunately, this no longer occurs.

Our links with HAS would benefit from a revival of the twinning relationship.  Any member who has a particular wish to extend our twinning is asked to contact a committee member for further information and contacts.


Link to the HAS website : Houston Astronomical Society