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June Meeting - Dr Susan Cartwright

Our next monthly meeting is on Thursday, 17th June 2021 at 7:30pm.

A Zoom Talk: Supernova Neutrinos

A core-collapse supernova - the explosive death of a massive star - is one of the most spectacular events in astronomy. Supernova 1987A was visible to the naked eye, despite being 160000 light years away in the Magellanic Cloud; the supernova of 1034, which created the Crab Nebula, was visible in daylight for 23 days and at night for nearly two years. Yet these spectacular light shows involve only 1% of the energy released by the exploding star: the remaining 99% is emitted in the form of neutrinos. This was verified in 1987 by the detection of about 20 neutrinos from SN 1987A, but if a core-collapse supernova were to occur in our own Galaxy, our modern - much larger - neutrino detectors would see thousands of neutrinos.
In this talk I wll explain why supernovae produce neutrinos (and why neutrinos are necessary to produce supernovae), how we detect them, and what we might learn from the next Galactic supernova.

Dr Susan Cartwright

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We support, along with the Federation of Astronomical Societies

the Dark Skies Matter initiative.

Dark Skies Matter seeks to reduce the prevalence and harmful effects of unnecessary, artificial light and to protect fragile oases of natural darkness wherever they are still to be found.
Light pollution is the soiling of the twilight and night-time environment by artificial light. The loss of natural night and the damage and waste caused by light pollution affect us all and should matter to everyone.

Dark Skies Matter

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In the light of the Coronavirus COVID-19 and the Government’s advice on social distancing we have suspended our monthly meetings.

For the 2020 – 2021 season We are starting Zoom talks initially for GAS members only. Details will be sent via email.

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John Axtell has a forty minute, once a month, programme on Brooklands Radio. Details of which and a  link to John’s podcast can be seen on our

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The Guildford Astronomical Society is a member of the Southern Area Group of Astronomical Societies (SAGAS)

The Guildford Astronomical Society is a member of both the
Southern Area Group of Astronomical Societies (SAGAS)
and the Federation of Astronomical Societies (FAS).

The Guildford Astronomical Society is a member of the Federation of Astronomical Societies (FAS)