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Prof. Raman Prinja

Prof Raman Prinja UCL - Credit: UCLProf Raman Prinja UCL
Credit: UCL

Raman Prinja is Professor of Astrophysics and Head of the Physics and Astronomy Department at University College London (UCL)
His main research interests are in the multi-wavelength studies of the evolution and properties of the most massive stars in our Galaxy.
Raman has been awarded the Pol and Christiane Swings research prize and is a multiple winner of the UCL Faculty and Department Teaching awards.
Beyond research and teaching, Raman is keen to promote astronomy to wider audiences, and has written over 20 successful Outreach-level books, including several titles aimed at children.
His award winning titles include 'Science Crazy' (winner School Library Associated Award) and 'Planetarium' (winner of the 2019 Royal Society Young People's book prize). He was awarded the 2019 American Institute of Physics science communication award.
DateTalk at GAS meeting
3 Jun 2021A Zoom Talk: Doomed massive stars

A combination of stellar evolution basics, and massive star outflows.